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Galaxy Note 9 User Manual PDF Download


Galaxy Note 9 User Manual PDF Download

Galaxy Note 9 User Manual PDF Download - Have you read Samsung Galaxy Note 8 User Manual Sprint? At this time I would like to share the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, everything we know about these phone complete image, wallpapers, how to set up and Galaxy Note 9 User Manual PDF free to download.

Galaxy Note 9 User Manual PDF Download

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 2018 raedy right now, according to new reports, release date August 23 based last year's launch date and ship to stores in September So The Galaxy Note 10 release date may the same.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

We have heard codenamed the phone Crown and a prototype of Samsung Galaxy Note9 we did see announced on August 23 for the Galaxy Note 7 followed Galaxy Note 8 hitting Samsung Galaxy Note10 on the store.

Galaxy Note 9 Release Date

So a good chance on the launch date that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be announced in late August 2018, possibly in the store mid to late September but there's reason to believe it'll show up on the Galaxy Note X or Galaxy Note 10 next year, however in 2019.

Galaxy Note 9 Specs

There's always upgdare specs and features Note 9 phones will come lates firmware Android 9 for the phone and another gadget Note 8, S10 and Galaxy S10 plus will get and Android P ((Android Popsicle) which somewhat suggests an earlier launch is possible.The Galaxy S10 also had its firmware has tested earlier than the S9, performance to launch earlier.

Almost certainly Samsung Galaxy upgrade to have a large curved Super AMOLED display, absolutly S Pen stylus is the big symbol from Samsung Note 9 beside the Apple pencil. Inside Note 9 there are 6GB of RAM available internal storage at 128GB may Samsung give for enterprise class smartphone, based on the Galaxy S8 Plus that has 128GB in most countries, but US-user just 64GB for marketing tricks.

Sport performance powered by Snapdragon 845, Exynos 9820 chipset or Exynos 9810 chipset. This Galaxy Note 9 Samsung claims faster speeds and more responsive with a multi-core score of 8806 points spotted on Geekbench upgraded from S9 and S9 Plus with more battery life efficient life longer.

Colour Options

There are 4 colours options: Lilac, Purple, Midnight Black, Titanium, Gray for Galaxy S9 and Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, and Coral Blue Coral Blue. color images of Galaxy S9+. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 colors : Marble white, Walnut Red, Midnight Black, Maple Gold, Orchid Grey and Deep Sea Blue. Available colors may vary by country or carrier.

Batttery and Feature

Tested safe battery life that improve from Note 8, from the 3300mAh now pointing to a 4000mAh battery to keep everyday consumers can use the best features on this device.

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The iris scanner through to the Note 9 is expected same changes to get a boost in the Samsung Galaxy S9 for upcoming feature called Intelligent Scan can answer to Face ID by the looks of hidden features over the Note 9 and fingerprint scanner, iris scanner for advanced security.

Samsung Note 9 body type use a neew metal (called Metal 12) for its upcoming Samsung mobile Note 9, with a magnesium and aluminium alloy that is tougher yet lighter. Samsung multiple in-screen solutions Super AMOLED display use handset with a scanner built into the screen. Supposedly it would digitally show where users need to place their finger, and could potentially provide vibrations as feedback.

Galaxy Note 9 Price

Note 9 retailed for $929 / £869 / AU$1,499 (based on Galaxy Note 8) hope Samsung lowering the price for the Note 9, because Apple has pushed prices even higher for iPhone X, iPhone XS Plus, iPhone XS max and lower price for iPhone XR. For now, you'll have a dream to the future iPhone 11 with the Note 10s predecessor. Today's best Galaxy Note 9 deals or an Galaxy S9 unlocked can be a choice to buying guide and feel the sense of these phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 User Manual PDF

1. Unboxing
2. Device testing
3. Hardware locations / Device layout
4. Install Dual SIM/ single SIM Card and Memory Card
5. Firt time turn on
6. Set Up
7. Learn about device
8. Calling texting and use some of features
9. Advantages Guide

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Unboxing and check inside of the box
Inside the Box Galaxy Note 9

1. Device
2. Battery charger (wirelles charger sold sparately)
3. Earphone
4. USB Cable
5. USB Connector type-C
6. Micro USB adapter
7. USB Connector Leaflet
8. Warranty service
9. Ejection tool
10. Quick start guide

These Note 9 use a nano SIM card and support dual SIM, to insert use pin ejection tool to loosen the try, this pin inside of the box with your new device, do carefully because you can damage Note 9 your new device.

How to Set up Galaxy Note 9

Set up by turn on your device by prees the power button side on your Note 9, and wait until the welcome sreen from Samsung appears on your device.

Prepare your Gmail accout and password, from welome scren select your language then tap the right Arrow icon, accept several seconds for activation to complete, such as the Terms and Conditions screen, select by check then tap agree to continue.

With the Activation procedur tap next and active now, insert your Google account and follow online intructions.

After complete Email setup screen, Security & Privacy you can Personalize Galaxy Note 9 screen, with our Galaxy Note 9 stock wallpapers anytime you want, or tap skip.

Done you ready to use your new Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 User Manual

Here you can get the complete Galaxy Note 9 user manual in PDF version to download:
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Manual PDF
Samsung SM-N960U (Galaxy Note9 Model Number)
Samsung Galaxy SM-N9608 (Galaxy Note 9 Serial Number)
Tips and Tricks

If you need help to transfer any data from S8/S9 or another device to Galaxy Note 9, you can use Samsung smart switch.

If your Note 9 had problems or get stuck / frozen and unresponsive the smart choice is try to restart by press and hold the poer button with volume down countinously more than 7 seconds to restart. Some people said force reset. Advertisement