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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Manual PDF and iPhone 13 Repair Manual PDF With Guide Tutorial Tips and Tricks iOS 16


Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Manual PDF and iPhone 13 Repair Manual PDF With Guide Tutorial Tips and Tricks iOS 16

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Manual PDF and iPhone 13 Repair Manual PDF With Guide Tutorial Tips and Tricks iOS 16 - Here is Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max release date 2022 on Friday, September 16, 2022.with iOS 16 at Apple event. Get Setup your new device download iPhone 14 Manual PDF Advantages Guide, 14 Mini ans 14 Pro Max. For the old's problem must solved with iPhone 13 Pro Max Repair Manual PDF get it here, to the next Trade-in with latest new iOS devices or get upgrade.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Manual PDF and iPhone 13 Repair Manual PDF With Guide Tutorial Tips and Tricks iOS 16

In this year September 7, 2022, we should see the iPhone 14 Pro unveiled to the world, but the actual release date is still up in Official Apple, keep followed us.

The Apple events in the past, there's typically a slight likely go live on Friday, September 9, but lag between the announcement and the release of their new devices. Maybe pre-orders iPhone 14 Pro Max first and then be released on Friday, September 16, 2022.

Colors and Price

The premium color gold for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available in green, purple, graphite, silver, The iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 colors will be : green, purple, blue, black, white, and red. The Black and Pink case breakout real estate housing market.


iPhone 14 Price range $799 , 14 Max: $899, 14 Pro: $1099 , 14 Pro Max: $1199 for iPhone 14 Mini price in USA $ 729.00 this value just a buying guide the actual maybe different each country and store.


Open to see what inside in the box are:

Device with iOS 16

USB‑C to Lightning Cable

Quick Start Guide and Documentation

How to Get Your iPhone to Charge?

Before Set up your new device make sure it's fully charged but sold separately now you must buy it with your device together from Authorized Apple Store. This iPhone14 feature new 30W charger using a compatible power adapter and still use Fast-charge Up to 50% charge in around 30 minutes14 with 20W adapter or higher. Inside Battery built‑in rechargeable lithium‑ion that able to use MagSafe wireless charging up to 15W13, Qi wireless charging up to 7.5W13 and absolutely charging via USB to computer system or power adapter.

You can fully charge iPhone 14 before use for the first time via 4 source power here's how:

It's so easy just connect your device with the USB‑C to Lightning Cable that comes with device, and
Plug into wall power outlet, Laptop or Computer, Power accessory and after setup complete you can use the wireless adapter.

Turn on Device

The next step get started with your new iOS device by turn it on. read the quick start guide in the box and iPhone 14 User Guide online that can be download.

Manually iPhone 14 Tutorial said : turn on by press the side button for 3 minutes and wait until logo appear and Hello,

How To Set Up A New iPhone

After Turn on next procedure is setup iPhone 14, in this new iOS 16 change into Quick start.

Follow on screen guide to choose languages and input your Apple ID or create it.

10 Set up Guide Must be Activated on your device:

1. Turn on your device
2. If you have another device, use Quick Start to automatically set up your new device
3. Activate your device
4. Set up Face ID or Touch ID and create a passcode
5. Restore or transfer your information and data from old device
6. Sign in with your Apple ID
7. Turn on automatic updates and set up other features
8. Set up Siri and other services
9. Set up Screen Time and more display options
10. Finish and Get Started using your new device

Insert SIM Card


On your iPhone models for: iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR could use Dual nano-SIM for a mobile plan and an eSIM for one or greater different mobile plans. If you do not have a nano-SIM and your provider helps it, an eSIM can function your most effective mobile plan. The eSIM supplied via way of means of your provider is saved digitally to your iPhone.

Locate the SIM card tray

The iPhone 14 SIM tray location on the left side of the device, insert a SIM ejection tool into the small hole to eject the SIM tray.

Insertthe Nano-SIM card into the SIM tray with the gold contacts up on the notched edge on the lower right.

Push the SIM tray until clicks and is flush.

Get the next post for How to install Dual SIM on iPhone 14

To set off your iPhone, flip it on, hook up with a Wi-Fi network, and observe the onscreen instructions.
Otherwise, in case you do want to installation an eSIM, you could test the QR code your provider gave you, use your provider's iPhone app, deployation an assigned plan, input the facts manually, or switch an eSIM out of your preceding iPhone:

Scan a QR eSIM code

Take a read and follow part of iPhone 14 Pro manual :
>Open the Camera app and test your QR code.
>When the Cellular Plan Detected notification seems, faucet it.
>Tap Continue, at the lowest of the screen.
>Tap Add Cellular Plan.

If you are requested to go into a affirmation code to set off the eSIM, input the wide variety that your provider supplied.
Install an assigned mobile plan

Tips and Tricks iOS 16


With iOS 16 and later, a few providers can assign a mobile plan on the way to deployation. Contact your provider for greater facts. If a plan become assigned to you, observe iPhone Advantages those steps below:

When a notification seems that announces Carrier Cellular Plan Ready to Be Installed, faucet it.
In the Settings app, faucet Carrier Cellular Plan Ready to Be Installed.
Tap Continue, at the lowest of the screen.
Make a name to your iPhone to test its mobile connectivity. If you can not make a name, touch your provider. If the plan you activated replaces the plan to your bodily SIM, get rid of your Dual SIM.

If you are requested to "Transfer Cellular Plan" whilst putting in place your iPhone14 Pro, discover ways to switch your eSIM with a provider app or these Tutorial :

Go to the App Store and down load your provider's app.
Use the app to buy a mobile plan.

Enter the facts manually

If necessary, you could manually input your plan facts. To input your plan facts manually, observe those steps iPhone 14 User Manual :

>Go to Settings.
>Tap both Cellular or Mobile Data.
>Tap Add Cellular Plan.
> Tap Enter Details Manually, at the lowest of your iPhone screen.

The complete guide available in Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Manual PDF.

iPhone 13 Repair Manual PDF

Got your iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max or 13 mini got issue or still had problems? The iPhone 13 Repair Manual PDF can be your solutions. Download and print be details of your phone. Same solution to iPhone 14 Repair Manual PDF you will see the inside images part of your device, schematics, diagram, hardware locations details the screw must be open in step by step block part should be open. Better you follow the Apple self service program if you can do it yourself.

If can not service your device we suggest to follow iPhone upgrade program or Apple trade-in for new iPhone 15, 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Mini with accessories such Airbuds the Apple Airpods 3, Airpods Pro, Apple Watch Series 8, 7 or later, Wall Charging Adapter or Dual Qi Wireless charging dock. iPhone 15 next post